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The Game

War of the Vikings is a team-based online multiplayer close quarters combat medieval experience for up to 64 different players set in the viking age. It was launched for on the PC on April 15 in 2014.

Define your own archetypes with persistent profiles and deep customization allowing you to shape your own Norseman or Saxon and play style by choosing everything from armor style, heraldry, shield paintings, beards, armor, weapons and perks. Choose between different characters in a battle against up to 64 different people to find your role in the epic struggle of the War of the Vikings. With aggressive combat experience and abilities you launch onto the battlefield of the Viking Age in an intense close quarter combat, where skill beats strength and the possibility of death is always but one blow away.

In War of the Vikings you create a warrior and sack England as a Norseman or defend it as a Saxon. Master the arts of swinging, chopping, blocking, dodging, archery, as well as a wide range of special moves and ranged combat to perfect your play style, to guarantee your place in the history of the Viking Legacy.

Developed by Fatshark; a Swedish game development studio located in Stockholm, this rousing combat game is built on the same CQC Tech as War of the Roses. Get started with the Tutorial if you're running into problems.


fatsharkgames 15 April 2014 Microsoft Windows Multiplayer
Paradox interactive DVD, digital distr. - Bitsquid

  • History Comes to Life (and then you kill it) – Historically inspired content from the Viking Age, including levels and environments, weapons, helmets, shields, and heraldry
  • Close Combat and Ranged Ravaging – Skill-driven fighting blends swinging, blocking, and dodging with intense ranged combat, including arrows, spears, and throwing axes
  • Mod Your Squad – Enhanced squad features allow players to define a role for their warriors in battle using custom squad perks to buff your hirdmen
  • A Viking to Your Liking – Design your own Viking or Saxon warrior, choosing everything from weapons and armor to battle perks, customized taunts to unhinge your foes, and a variety of beard options
  • Pick Your BattlesGame modes include up to 64-player epic battles, new hardcore “Pitched Arena” mode with 32 players and no respawns, and a Training Ground to test out new character builds
The Numbers Game
  • Large Scale Multiplayer
  • Multiple Game Modes
  • New levels set in Viking Age England
  • Authentically inspired Viking Age Weapons
  • Unique Helmets, Armor, and shields for the Vikings and the Saxons
Gameplay Video